Q3 2020 Report

Previous Updates
De Facto launches the new version of the corporate website.
Our new website became more enterprise-oriented. We highlighted BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-service) & our projects and have made a corporate blog, which will be published news, press releases & quarterly reports. Articles & researches will continue to be published on the Medium.

Friday 30th November 2018
Factom Authority Node Operators: De Facto, Bedrock Solutions, CryptoVikings and The Factoid Authority — are proud to announce the availability of Factom Open Node!

→ Press release (Reddit, De Facto blog)

This effort is backed by a Factom Grant — Factom Courtesy Node System

De Facto's pledges in this project:
  1. Development of integration with Cloudflare API
  2. Stalls & timeouts monitoring solution, which automatically enables/disables nodes in the pool
  3. Status website (https://factomd.net) development
  4. Setup of cloud load balancer & firewall (w/ Bedrock Solutions)
  5. Load balancer support (w/ Bedrock Solutions)
Hello community!
We decided to put our recent press releases together into this update and report about our current activities.

1) Our first customer is onboarded on Factom mainnet
The customer uses Factom to store immutable logs of own servers (data servers & surveillance system servers). Factom® Enterprise API, provided by De Facto, is used for writing and validating entries into multiple chains on the Factom blockchain.

Press release on Reddit:
2) We introduced our open-source LoggerHead project
Initially we wanted to name it WatchTower, but decided to rename it to LoggerHead to not conflict with this & this WatchTowers.

Press release on Reddit:

LoggerHead project progress:
1. We released private beta-version, that allows to collect logs from any Linux & Linux-based servers (which used by NAS manufacturers) and write it into Factom chain.
2. To keep it lightweight, we decided not to store logs internally into LoggerHead.
Instead, logs will be read directly from the blockchain & decrypted in the UI.
3. After Open API release, the Open API client will be integrated into LoggerHead to read & search data in the chains.
4. Then LoggerHead solution will be published as open-source under MIT license.


3) We pitched Factom in Russian Innovation Center Skolkovo
In February we presented Factom protocol and discuss it with experts in Skolkovo.
Our aim is to start utilizing Factom Blockchain in the Gov and commercial products advocating for it's usage via Skolkovo.

According to the Skolkovo rules, any tech-company may become Skolkovo Resident or Skolkovo Partner.
To become a resident, we have to be an inventors of the Protocol, and as Factom Authority Node Operator, we can not be a Resident.
To become a partner, we need to grow up to the medium-size company, have enterprise client onboarded & significant BaaS/integration income.

Skolkovo agreed on unique advantages of the Factom Protocol and they wait us to submit as a Partner in future, when we become bigger.
We will continue working to get into Skolkovo as a Partner.

4) Current activities

4.1) Factom Open API
We were awarded to develop Factom Open API — open-source REST API for Factom blockchain.
We started to develop it in February, before grant payout.
The development is in active phase right now, and I may share, that we are going to develop some additional features, that were not described in the initial grant proposal:

A. Open API will be integrated with Swagger standards, that means:
— Open API documentation will be generated automatically using Swagger, and in the future, when API will be updated, the documentation will be updated automatically as well
— Open API REST clients (for JS, Go, PHP and etc) will be generated automatically using Swagger

B. Open API design allows to have multiple endpoints and a single API database, that means:
— You may setup a load balancer for connecting multiple Open API endpoints together (increasing stability of your server), and connect them to the remote or cloud Postgres database.

API is being developed on Golang, so community developers may join the project in the future.

The detailed update for this grant will be provided later by our sponsor Jay Cheroske.

4.2) Factom Open Node Enhancement
De Facto and Bedrock Solutions are debugging factomd behaviour to create a robust design of monitoring algorithm of Open Node.
Additionally, we are exploring libraries for creating decentralized monitoring system, where 2 or 3 monitoring servers will work in consensus to detect Open Node Pool's nodes states.
The detailed update for this grant will be provided later.

4.3) Second client into pipeline
Our second client tested LoggerHead solution and waiting till it will be ready to start using it.

4.4) Singapore-located Factomd node will be pledged to Open Node Pool
We setup and run Factomd mainnet node in the Asia region (Singapore).
Right now, the node is used for test & development purposes, but after both Open API & Open Node Enhancements grants will be completed, we will pledge our Singapore node into the pool of Open Node and continue to maintain it — free of charge.

4.5) Factomd bug found
While exploring factomd behaviour for Open Node grant project, we found a bug into factomd (both in current mainnet 6.2.0 and the latest 6.2.1-rc2).
We explored it, created a GitHub issue with detailed description and the screen recording.

4.6) Factom lib exploring
While developing Open API, I continue exploring Factom lib, functions and data structures.

5) Efficiency
We continue operating at 35% efficiency.

As many other developer ANOs, we will revise our efficiency quarterly, starting from the next quarter.
That doesn't mean we will change efficiency on the 01/04 or 01/07.

As a startup, there are a lot of conditions that we have to take into account, including hiring additional developers or sales, FCT market conditions, our activities and commitment to the protocol and etc.

I know, that De Facto pledged to operate at 35%/25% in our ANO application, but there are a lot of things, that rapidly change. Many ANOs pivoted from their initial pledges and it's not bad — on the contrary, we, Operators, have to be flexible to any changes, look for growth points and develop/promote/use the protocol.
We are proud to release the first version of Factom Open API!

Factom Open API is a lightweight REST API for the Factom blockchain. It connects to an existing factomd node and has a built-in Factom wallet that will handle signing data before writing it to the Factom blockchain.

GitHub: https://github.com/DeFacto-Team/Factom-Open-API
Documentation: https://docs.openapi.de-facto.pro


Main features
  • Instant start: use Open API immediately after installation
  • Write data to the blockchain at a fixed cost ($1 for 1000 entries of 1 KB)
  • BaaS-ready: user-based API access, counting usage, limits
  • Read all chain entries at once using a single request (no need to read all entry blocks of chain one by one)
  • Search chains & entries by tags (external IDs)
  • Pagination, sorting, filtering results with query params
  • Generic factomd interface: all factomd API requests are supported via special REST path

API Reference


You can run Factom Open API in 2 different ways:
  • as Docker container
  • download binary and run it manually

Factom Open API design

1. Background fetching
Factom Open API does not store all chains of the Factom blockchain in its local database. Instead, when you start working with a chain using any request (get entry of chain, get chain info, write entry into chain, etc...), the chain is fetched from Factom in the background.

All fetched chains are stored in the local DB, and new entries are added automatically in minute 0-1 of each block.

This allows Factom Open API to be used immediately after installing without a long syncing period with Factom blockchain. It is not designed for applications which require all chains, blocks and entries - e.g. a Factom Explorer.

2. User's chains
A great advantage of Factom Open API is binding chains to API users. This binding is stored locally in the Open API database. It's possible to show users their chains, including ones the user created and all chains that the user has worked with (write, read or search).

This way API users may search their specific chains by External ID(s) instead of searching the entire blockchain.

Swagger support
Following of the Swagger spec was not be a part of the initial grant proposal, but we decided to develop it in order to provide more clients in different languages, using Swagger auto-generated clients.
Right now Open API follows Swagger 2.0 specification.

Auto-generated clients
Auto-generated clients are in beta and don't support base64 auto-encoding/decoding.
We are going to upgrade from Swagger 2.0 to Open API 3.0 specification in the next minor version and improve auto-generated clients.

Factom Open API is open-source project.
Support available @ De Facto's Discord: https://discord.gg/zgq78Bc

A few words about sponsors
Jay, David & Alex from Bedrock Solutions were not just sponsors of this grant project – they actively participated in all discussions of Factom Open API design solutions, suggested a lot of ideas and improvements to design and helped us with testing and Docker packaging. De Facto highly rated Bedrock Solutions as a sponsor and a contributor and we will continue to work together on further Open API updates.

What's next?
We are going to further improve Factom Open API, add new functions and clients.
Here is the roadmap of the project development:
  • Swagger upgrade
    • Upgrade support of Swagger 2.0 → Open API (Swagger) 3.0
    • Improve auto-generated clients (add base64 auto-encoding/decoding inside clients)
    • Create, test and publish more auto-generated clients (Swagger 3.0 required)
  • New endpoints
    • Multiple /admin endpoints to manage Open API instance, settings and API users
    • /queue endpoint to check Open API write-queue via API endpoint
  • Admin WebUI
    • A web-interface for managing Factom Open API
    • Change Factom Open API server settings
    • Manage API users, limits
    • Queue, Chains, Entryblocks, Entries viewer
    • Logs viewer
    • Auto-generation of Es/EC keypair (no need to generate EC via wallet)
  • Callbacks
    • Allow API users to create and receive callbacks for different actions endings (e.g. receive callback, when new entry processed on blockchain)
    • Admin's permanent callbacks / notifications (e.g. when EC balance is lower than X)
  • Factom Identities
    • Factom Identities support (2nd layer)
    • /identity endpoints inside Open API to work with Factom Identities
  • GraphQL API
  • Websockets
  • Security
    • Auto-SSL with Lets Encrypt
  • Test coverage
  • Factom Open API marketplace
    • A directory of apps using Factom Open API
A little late we are publishing our Q1 2019 report.
This report includes activities from Jan 1 till Mar 30 2019.

Full report:

  • Factom® Enterprise API launched
  • First client onboarded (150-300K txs annually)
  • Introduced LoggerHead — an open-source immutable security logs solution for Linux-based servers & NAS
  • Public open-source version of LoggerHead will be released in May 2019
  • 2 grant projects were awarded to develop
  • Continue maintaining Open Node
  • Pitched Factom in Russian Innovation Center Skolkovo
  • Visited legal-tech workshop in Samara, Russia
  • Core development: 4 issues regarding factomd created on GitHub (1 bug, 3 improvements)
  • Grant tracking system & its design were suggested during discussion with ANOs
As FCT price raised, we decided to continue working with 35% efficiency.

Factom Open API plans:
We have a lot of plans regarding Open API project and I want to clarify what are we going to do, when and how.

We are working on the following improvements using our ANO income:
— Make Open API follow the Swagger Open API 3.0 specification (instead of Swagger 2.0 right now)
— Improve Open API auto-generated clients
— Generate more clients in different languages
— Provide test coverage for Open API (thanks @Paul Bernier & @Alex for pointing this)
— Create a marketplace (separate website or section on Factom Protocol website) of open-source and commercial apps, built using Factom Open API
(not Open API project, but was pledged during grant campaign) Create and make open-source the LoggerHead solution — and it will be the first public app, utilizing Open API.

We will apply for grants in order to develop the following improvements:
— Development sprint 2: new endpoints (/admin & /queue), admin control panel (Web UI), Callbacks
— Support of Factom Identities
— Development sprint 3: GraphQL API, Websocket support
  1. We are lowering our efficiency to 20%

    De Facto has being dedicated enormous efforts for the benefit of the Factom for more than 1 year — even from the time when we haven’t been an ANO.

    * We have launched:
    Monitoring tools for Testnet
    — Entry Credit Stores (press release)
    — Factom Robot on Telegram (press release)
    — Open Node (press release)
    — Our BaaS flagship solution — Factom Enterprise API (press release)
    — And, of course, Factom Open API (press release)

    * We have 1 medium-size client onboarded and continue working on attracting new clients and onboarding them.
    Since May we change the strategy and dedicate more resources to sales and marketing (see below for more details).

    * In addition to all development works, De Facto has actively participated in most of governance discussions, votings and elections.

    * Since May we have also started working on improving of Factom Protocol Website as a part of Website Committee.

    * There are our quarterly reports:
    Q3 2018 report (covers September 2018 only)
    Q4 2018 report (October — December 2018)
    Q1 2019 report (January — March 2019)

    We decided to lower our efficiency to 20% on May 23.
    Additional FCT revenue will be put towards expanding our team and onboarding new team members — see below for details.

  1. Business update

    We decided to focus on the following activities:

    Integrate Factom into existing mass-adopted software via partners (in addition to direct negotiations & onboardings of clients)
    Reach large corporations via business accelerators (incubators)
    Get incorporated in second jurisdiction to start working with Europe & US
    Continue developing & supporting open-source and community projects: Factom Open API, Open Node, Testnet Monitoring, LoggerHead, Factom Name Service and etc.
    Improve, maintain & translate Factom Protocol Website instead of creating a separate website for Russian community

  2. Team increase

    We have started (and continue) increasing our team to grow faster and provide more usage, clients and products for the benefit of the Factom:

    1. Sales manager was hired recently to pitch Factom to Russian enterprises and partners
    2. We are interviewing full-time backend developer (web/software) to help us with all current works and launching new landing for Russian clients. Additionally, I will probably put his skills into Website Committee works.
    3. Our support manager (for clients) continues working part-time
    4. We are considering about hiring full-time Golang developer to work on Factom Core (grant funding)

  3. Work with international clients and partners

    We want to start working with international clients and partners within 1 year and actively exploring the options of being additionally incorporated in the second jurisdiction.

  4. Open-source and community projects

    We are going to consistently continue developing open-source products on top of Factom.

    The most important project is Factom Open API – we recently provided the Factom Open API roadmap and part of works in the roadmap will be made from our ANO income (not grants).

    Factom Open Node decentralized monitoring is half-way done — factomd improvements, required for implementing new monitoring, was scheduled in the one of next releases of factomd.

    LoggerHead — tamperproof logging solutions — will be released within next few weeks and we are going to work with Marketing Committee in order to promote it.

    Factom Name Service was initially proposed by us in November, but it requires more formal specification (FIP) and Identities support, which I hope will be released soon. After this we are going to work with other ANOs on more formal specification and implementation of Name Service.

    Factom Testnet Monitoring is being refactored to collect more data via diagnostics API.

    Additionally, we have a trump card up our sleeve and a secret open-source project (and also free to use) will be launched soon — in order to promote Factom protocol among Apple users.
Factom Testnet Monitoring has been upgraded to v2.
Screenshot 2019-05-20 at 12.38.15.png

Release notes:
1) Moved from control panel parsing (8090) to factomd API parsing (8088)
2) Continuous parsing — nodes heights & diagnostics info are being updated every 40-60 seconds
3) Additional data collected — current-minute, leaders/audits list
4) Debug API console — send debug API requests to any online testnet node via GUI
5) UI improvements: table sorting (by node name, role, height, hardware params and etc.), geolocations, copy info by click (identity chainIDs, auth set)
Hello community!
We have 2 great news:

1. Today we pledged our Singapore factomd node into Open Node pool (free of charge).
Node in the Asia region will increase stability and bandwidth of Open Node – as well as decrease latency for asian users/servers.


2. Open Node has processed 5,000,000 requests from 388 IPs within last 7 days – it's a new record of Open Node usage.


About Open Node:
Factom Open Node is a public, decentralized, load balanced factomd-node which provides an API to interact with the Factom blockchain protocol. It is an alternative to hosting and maintaining your own factomd-node.

Hello community!
We are proud to report our contributions to the Factom Protocol in Q2 2019.

Full report available here:

  1. Development
    1. First version of Factom Open API released
    2. Fct.tools (Factom Testnet Monitoring) upgraded to v2
    3. Factom Open Node Enhancement — 60% ready
  2. Integrations/clients
    1. We have received RFP for blockchain integration into Gov entity’s software. Working on Factom usage demo for this project.
  3. Business development
    1. Working on new BaaS platform, launch in July
    2. New sales partner in Russia
    3. Continue exploring different industries to disrupt its business processes with Factom
    4. Additional incorporation explored
  4. Core development
    1. We convinced an experienced developer with 10+ years of experience to join Factom
    2. We are going to onboard him as a core developer from September using grant
    3. Michael has started to explore Factom lib & factomd core code in advance before being onboarded
  5. Website Committee
    1. Leaded Factom Protocol Blog Development
  6. Marketing
    1. Participation in AMA
  7. Infrastructure
    1. Improved Open Node by pledging first Asia-based (Singapore) factomd node into pool
Moscow, Russia, Monday 8th July 2019 — De Facto launches Factom Application Hub for business software (with Factom integrated into it), bots, mobile apps, wallets, explorers and other software.

Factom World is a portal, where any company or single developer may publish their apps, that utilize Factom Blockchain.
The target audience are business, token holders, software developers.

In few weeks after launch we have 5 apps already listed & more companies are preparing their publications (Factom Inc., Off-Blocks).
We have also received the requests to join — and sent invites to Factom.World to Triall, RewardChain and Sphereon partner.
Hello, the community!
In the previous grant round, we applied with the grant for the development of standalone Golang DID resolver/registrar.

I feel that this project was supported by the community: it was ranked at the position of the cut-off grant, but in this grant round we decided not to fund cut-off grants.

Without going into technical details, I'd like to highlight, that, in my opinion, Golang DID library is extremely important for our ecosystem and for the projects, written on Golang — PegNet, Factom Open API and etc.

Considering Factoshi's experience of "development first, paid after" as a very good practice for grant pool projects, I decided to start working on this project without grant funding and then apply for back pay in the next grant round.

We cut the scope of works to the following:
  1. Explore and develop the specification document for:
    1. DID low-level functions for Factom Golang lib
    2. Standalone Golang library/module — DID resolver/registrar — that may be imported into any high-level application
    3. High-level functions as a specification
  2. Join DID workgroup, discuss and approve the specification with developers
  3. Develop (code):
    1. Contribute to Factom Golang lib and code DID low-level functions
    2. Develop the standalone Golang DID resolver/registrar

The amount of the works above is ~3 man-months. We are still willing to internalize some development costs (10-25% discount) as stated in the original proposal and it fully depends on market conditions, i.e. FCT price, at the moment of the next grant round.

We remove DID integration into Factom Open API as part of this project, as it's the separate project and it's better not to mix it up.
We are still willing to develop DID support for Factom Open API and it will be done after Golang lib will be released.

TL;DR: We consider Golang DID lib as an extremely important for PegNet, Open API and other Golang apps, so we decided to start developing it without advance grant payout and apply for back pay when the works will be done.
Hello everyone!
There is De Facto's quarterly report for Q3 2019.


Factom World

We have developed and launched Factom Application Hub — Factom World. In addition to the portal, we have started and keep maintaining the @FactomWorld Twitter account.

We have worked with multiple entities: Factom Inc, Factoshi, Skaffolder, Bedrock Solutions, Federate This, TFA — to bring and publish their products into Factom World.


Factom® PRO
We launched our Blockchain-as-a-Service platform — Factom® PRO.
We have got about 15 publications in different media and got into Blockfolio Weekly Newsletter.

Factom® PRO: https://factom.pro
API documentation: https://docs.factom.pro
4 SDKs (1 ready, 3 currently in work): https://github.com/factompro


Factom Developer Guides

In addition to our BaaS platform, we launched Factom Developer Guides:

In developer guides, that are available in English and will be also available Russian (Q4 2019), we are going to learn developers about Factom data structures and technologies, that will be available very soon (Decentralized Identities, Fungible and non-fungible Tokens, Smart Contracts, etc).


Business development

We work with sales partner in Russia and we have pitched Factom to several large entities and SaaS providers. Currently, there are no agreements we may publicly share, but some activities may get traction in Q4.

  • Bahrain’s General Directorate of Traffic (GDT)
    We have pitched Factom technology and our platform to the Russian SaaS company and applied for Bahrain's GDT's RFP of CRM development with DLT integrated into it.

  • MTS
    We have pitched Factom® PRO and Factom technology to the IoT department of Russian largest mobile network provider MTS (NYSE: MBT).

  • X5 Retail Group
    We have applied for the X5 retail group (LSE: FIVE) RFP of blockchain-enabled supply chain software.
Also, right now we work on PoCs with several SaaS providers.
We won't share any names until integrations go live for obvious reasons.


Factom Open API

We have released two major (1.1.0 & 1.2.0) and a bunch of minor versions of Factom Open API.
Version 1.1.0 brings Admin API and UI, and version 1.2.0 brings Callbacks.
We aim to continue the development of Factom Open API and add new important features till the end of the year.


  1. We have participated as early miner, testing mining software
  2. We have designed and developed an adaptive pegnet.org landing page, subsidizing 100% of development costs (i.e. free of charge).

  1. We helped several parties with setup their testnet nodes
  2. We continue to host and maintain fct.tools — Factom Testnet Monitoring
  3. We developed fct.tools API and provided it to @Paul Bernier's Chocablock

Open Node
  1. We continue to maintain Factom Open Node load balancer with Bedrock Solutions
  2. We continue providing Singapore factomd node for Factom Open Node pool — free of charge

Core development
  1. Our pull request for the addition of entry commit date into factomd API was successfully merged and will appear in the next factomd release:
  2. We explored KeyBase integration for Decentralized Identities on Factom, contacted KeyBase, and have started writing the specification for this integration.
  3. We started working on the DID Golang lib (grant project, will apply for backpay grant in the next grant round).

Rebrand Working Group
De Facto actively participates in the Rebrand Working Group discussions, meetings and calls.


Website Committee
Improved some sections on https://docs.factomprotocol.org


Exchange Committee
  • Explored some possible listing options on BTI verified exchanges via Russian partner
  • Explored some popular DEXs in order to integrate Factom there
  • Worked through an option of bringing liquidity to PegNet (will be announced soon)
  • Applied for Exchange Committee

Entry Credits
Our Entry Credit store created more than 200,000 ECs for PegNet miners.


We are going to update our efficiency to 10% on October, 1 in order to correctly align efficiency with efficiencies of other ANOs.
Hello community! There is our report for Q4 2019.

Factom® PRO
  1. The first major update released: our API server caches the entire blockchain, so Factom® PRO users can work with all chains and entries in the entire blockchain and read and search data in all chains within milliseconds!
  2. Several clients/developers subscribed and started using Factom® PRO API
  3. Significant update of documentation for developers: code samples in 8 popular languages (Java, JS, PHP, Go, Python, and others) are available for each API call.
Business Development
  1. 🚀 Factom® PRO presented to Ministry of Economy and Business of Spain. We got positive feedback for our APIs and services.
  2. Factom® PRO pitched to several entities in Russia:
    1. MegaFon (IoT dept)
    2. Skolkovo
    3. PWC Russia (Blockchain Accelerator)
🔥 100K FCT burnt in November-December

Due to arbitrage opportunity, De Facto burnt 100K FCT. They have gone forever, so we are a part of deflation delivery team ;)

Open-source Development — DID Golang Lib

We have explored and started working on Golang library for Factom DID (Decentralized ID).

PegNet Website Development

Multiple updates to PegNet.org website made and deployed: UI improvements, live marketcap widgets, PegNet roadmap, and many others.

PegNet Giveaway

We have organized giveaway in Twitter and bring ~150 followers to De Facto and PegNet Twitter accounts.

PegNet Open-source Mining Pool

De Facto contributed to open-source PegNet Mining Pool (Prosper) by developing the high-level design for codebase/API improvements of existing code.

Community Works
  • Participated in most governance discussions
  • PegNet Telegram administration
  • Participated in negotiations with exchanges regarding some listings
  • Participated in rebrand working group and provided ideas about names and domain researches (free of charge)
  • Educating people in PegNet/Factom Discord and Telegram
  • Educating people in PegNet Russian chat
  • AMA in Chinese crypto-traders chat
  • Supporting people in Factom Testnet
Keep maintaining
Hello, community! There is our report for Q1 2020.

Factom® PRO
We continue working hard on our BaaS platform:
  1. After receiving positive feedback from the Ministry of Economy and Business of Spain, I decided to relocate Factom PRO to the EU. It gives us direct access to European markets and allows to work with EU governments and municipalities.
  2. I have got an entrepreneur visa and ready to relocate the company after the COVID situation becomes better. For clarity, De Facto ANO remains to be incorporated in Russia and I keep Russian entity to work with Russian companies.
  3. We have changed the strategy and started pitching our platform and services to CEOs and CTOs of IT and software development companies, that have a clear usage case for the blockchain/DLT.
  4. We have updated the landing and services pages and made SEO optimization of the website.
  5. Right now we are preparing a marketing campaign, that will be launched soon.

We started working on decentralized computing network (2nd layer protocol) on top of Factom. It's called Verifiq.
Verifiq is on PoC stage and so it is not officially announced, but for the transparency of our work, I decided to post information about Verifiq here.


Verifiq is a unique combination of Tendermint Core and Factom technologies into a single protocol, which makes it an ideal solution for any enterprise applications.

Verifiq allows users to log on to the network and use dApps, while retaining control over their identities, credentials, and digital assets using decentralized identifiers (DIDs).

Website: https://verifiq.org
Presentation: https://verifiq.org/verifiq.pdf

We have developed PoC of Verifiq node, which uses Factom and Tendermint Core libs while building blocks and has instant finality of transactions.

The main design goal is not just to scale Factom network with Tendermint Core, but have full compatibility between Verifiq entries and Factom entries, so DIDs/tokens/domains/etc that created on Verifiq will be available and readable on Factom and vice versa. So at the same time, all Factom related development — tokens, Ledger support, DIDs, etc. — will be also available on Verifiq.

Golang Factom DID Library
We continue working on Golang Factom DID library.
We recently shared library design overview: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19JvrOyVKk6hHTtUuWoH1HS3vGQAu1MjbwsPgj33tIFo/edit

Native Golang library may be used into Golang applications — such as factomd, Factom Open API, FAT node, Verifiq node/API — and will allow to easily integrate DID and build APIs for working with DID on top of this lib.

We aim to release the lib and cover it with tests until the next grant round and apply for a backpay grant if the development will be completely finished.

Exchange Working Group
A lot of works has been done internally as a part of Exchange Working Group. We have set up communication channels with the entity, which works on PegNet listings and work with them to bring FCT on good exchanges. More information has been already shared here by WG.

Factom article on Forklog HUB
We have written an article about Factom and posted it on Forklog HUB. Forklog is the biggest Russian online-magazine about cryptocurrencies.

Community Works
  • Participated in most governance discussions
  • PegNet Telegram administration
  • Factom Reddit administration
  • Supporting people in Factom Testnet

Keep maintaining
Hello, community! There is our report for Q2 2020.

Factom Realtime Explorer
De Facto released the first real-time explorer for Factom Protocol: https://explorer.factom.pro
Press release: https://medium.com/factom-pro/factom-realtime-explorer-690718ee2a69

Highlights of developed functions:

1. Realtime entries, chains, factoid transactions
2. Search chains by ExtIDs (and share search results)
3. Search by all hashes
4. Fully responsive design
5. Explore huge chains
6. Custom pages sizes
7. Copyable hashes and external IDs
8. Clickable External IDs
9. External IDs in Directory Block & Chain views
10. Blockchain Hints
11. Filtering Entry Credit transactions by commit type, entry hash, paying address
12. Filtering Factoid transactions by type
13. Coinbase transactions
14. Human-readable Exchange Rate
15. JSON formatting of Entry Content
16. Emoji and non-latin characters support
17. Dynamic page titles
18. Fast navigation across sub-blocks
19. Icons for intuitive navigation
20. Display all Entry Blocks of the Entry
21. Live Factom Blockchain Stats
22. High Redundancy

We have put a significant amount of work — several hundreds of dev hours (and I even don't count the development of full blockchain parser, backend architect, etc. because we already had into our BaaS platform) — into this project and will be applying for backpay grant to partially cover the development.

The part of this development is covered by De Facto efficiency and will be reduced from backpay grant.

Free Factom Explorer API
We have made the REST API, that is used in Factom Realtime Explorer, public and free to use for everyone.
That means you can get information about blocks, chains, entries, txs directly from Explorer via easy-to-use REST API.
API endpoint is https://explorer.factom.pro/explorer, but it's undocumented for now.
Currently we are working on REST API specification (Open API 3.0 compatible) and documentation portal — it will be released in Q3 2020.

Factom® PRO
  1. API performance was significantly improved — getting large chains now takes seconds and not minutes, thankfully to our special algorithm for reading large chains, that was also deployed into Explorer API
  2. We have updated our private blockchain solution for enterprises and consortiums (Factom® Private)
  3. Several PoCs are in work for both public and private networks
  4. Started marketing campaign in Telegram

Open Node Monitoring Improvements
De Facto continues improving Open Node Monitoring to provide the best experience for all users.
We deployed the new version of monitoring system, which contains updated algorithm for detection of lagging nodes.

Open Node monitoring performs checks of heights of each node every 20 seconds. New algorithm detects lagging nodes almost instantly (within 1 check interval — 0-20 sec) and reduces their weight in Open Node Load Balancer, until affected node's height is progressed.

This work is beyond the Open Node grant(s), so it's efficiency related.

Factom Inc Courtesy Node replacement
De Facto quickly reacted on the unavailability of Factom Inc Courtesy Node (https://courtesy-node.factom.com/v2) and deployed proxy server, that redirects all requests from Inc Courtesy Node to Factom Open Node, so people, that use old version of Factom Enterprise Wallet with only Inc Courtesy Node support, were affected only for a short time.

Exchange Committee Work
Many dozens of hours were put towards Exchange Committee work — discussions, negotiations, working through different stuff, OTC trades, etc.
Highlights of De Facto's commitments into Exchange Committee:
  1. Coordination with Liquid on Factom enabling
  2. Led and tested Factom integration into Liquid
  3. Coordination with Liquid on FCT fast withdrawals
  4. Coordination with Liquid on issues with FCT withdrawals (all issues were resolved)
  5. Coordination with Republic on new listings
  6. Exchanges analysis
  7. Working through listing conditions and services/benefits, that will be received from an exchange
  8. MM analysis
  9. Coordination with OTC buyers
  10. Full and transparent documentation of all Exchange Committee transactions/conversions
  11. Sent updated Explorer information to data aggregators: CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko
  12. Sent updated Explorer information to exchanges: Bittrex, VCC, Liquid

Core Committee Work
Actively worked with @Who while locating and investigating Factom API inconsistencies and bugs.

1. Helped investigating the incorrect heights of EC blocks at the range of DB heights
It's not a bug actually, but undocumented fix on the chain, that is described in detail now.

2. Exploration of how pending APIs work

3. Discovered and helped investigating two bugs related to pending APIs responses

4. Discovered empty external IDs on the blockchain
Added support for empty (zero-length) extIDs in the explorer (example: https://explorer.factom.pro/chains/98133e8546d2ced588807803795b1bad5d7cfa2faa0371bfcf5e560ccf5add29)
@Who created pull request to Factom Docs: https://github.com/FactomProject/FactomDocs/pull/17

5. Factom Protocol documentation updated
Updated Explorer section (added new explorer)
Updated Wallets section (added FAT desktop wallet)

6. Designed fresh application icon for Factom Enterprise Wallet and provided sources

Website Committee Work
Gave an extensive feedback to @DBGrow for the new Factom Protocol website, that was released several days ago.

Testnet long pause investigation
Investigated long testnet pause and provided extensive analytics of Testnet Nodes using data collected by fct.tools

Factom World
Keep maintaining Factom Application Hub and @FactomWorld twitter account.
Worked with several parties to add recently released applications to Factom World:
  1. Off-Blocks
  2. FAT Wallet
  3. Factom Realtime Explorer

Other activities/works
Participated in Factom AMA
Updated Factom Robot (added support for realtime explorer)
Updated Entry Credit Stores (added support for realtime explorer)
Factom Reddit and Telegram moderation
Updated Factom Reddit by Marketing Committee request
Governance and discussions participation
Proposed several ideas to Governance Working Group

Keep maintaining a lot of infrastructure
  1. Factom Realtime Explorer
  2. Factom Open Node Singapore Node (free of charge)
  3. Decentralized monitoring for Factom Open Node and decentralized status page (via Open Node grant)
  4. Proxy server for Inc Courtesy Node replacement
  5. EC Stores
  6. Factom World
  7. Factom Testnet Monitoring
  8. Factom Developer Guides
Current Update: Q3 2020 Report
Hello, community! There is our report for Q3 2020.

Factom Realtime Explorer
Multiple updates of explorer were developed and released within past quarter.

Summary of all updates:
  • v0.7.6 Factoid Rich List
  • v0.7.7 Factoid Stats + optimization
    • Added FCT circulating supply and burn counters in the Rich List
    • Improved FCT transactions parsing
    • Improved FCT balance calculation
    • Implemented caching for stats and FCT Rich List
  • v0.8.0 Bitcoin & Ethereum Anchors
    • BTC and ETH anchors displayed into DBlock view
    • BTC and ETH anchoring data added into Explorer API calls
    • Added heights indicators into footer
  • v0.8.1 Factom Anchors + UX/UI improvements
    • FCT anchors support (for testnet and custom networks)
    • Improved clearing of pending transactions
    • First entry of chain displayed into Chain view
    • Enabled switch between Mainnet and Testnet
Additionally, we developed and enabled monitoring server for Explorer, that notifies us about Explorer stalls (no stalls occurred yet).
And server side performance of Explorer was significantly improved by tuning a lot of Postgres and Docker settings.

Testnet Realtime Explorer
We deployed Testnet Realtime Explorer

Free Factom Explorer API
Due to recent and upcoming changes to Realtime Explorer API, we decided to postpone the release of official specification until API is stable.
API itself is available here: https://api.factom.pro/explorer

Science data proofs PoC
Our concept of application for securing science data, targeted on universities, scientific institutions, and labs, is in progress.
We have developed first alpha version and continue improving it — plan to beta release it in Q4.

Factom Testnet Faucet
We launched Testnet Faucet with a slick design — https://faucet.fct.tools

FPoS/Tokenomics WG
We have participated in FPoS workgroup and helped to model FCT staking improvement:
Also we have modelled and proposed FCT hard cap improvement:
Sad to say, that there is not enough support for them from other ANOs and core developers to move further in this direction.

FCT market-making
De Facto is market making FCT in pair with BTC on qTrade and Liquid exchanges 24/7, free of charge for community and exchange WG.

FCT OTC desk
We started OTC desk for FCT (https://otc.de-facto.pro) and helped several people to buy and sell FCT OTC.

Exchange WG
We negotiated with CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko to remove Bilaxy and VCC data from FCT pages.

Core Committee
  1. Tested and gave feedback to core developers for a significant upcoming release of Factom Golang lib by implementing the updated lib into Factom Realtime Explorer
  2. Missing anchors audit
  3. FCT anchors for testnet / custom / private networks
  4. Minor enterprise wallet bug reported

Oracle EC rate monitoring (grant)
We developed the monitoring service for Factom EC rate, which is used for timely updates of EC rates on-chain to keep EC price close to $0.001.

Factom Network Restart System (grant)
Network restart system has been developed, reviewed by 2 core developers and successfully tested during recent Testnet pause.
It took only 4 seconds to successfully restart all online testnet nodes using our restart system.

Website Committee
  • Setup and maintain web server for Factom Protocol Forum and worked with Fillip to move forum from Factomize server
  • Deployed Amazon S3 daily backups shared with Website Committee

Factom World
Keep maintaining Factom Application Hub and @FactomWorld twitter account.

Other activities/works
Factom Reddit and Telegram moderation
Governance and discussions participation
Proposed several ideas to Governance Working Group

Keep maintaining a lot of infrastructure
  1. Factom Realtime Explorer
  2. Testnet Realtime Explorer
  3. Factom Realtime Explorer API
  4. Factom Open Node Singapore Node (free of charge)
  5. Decentralized monitoring for Factom Open Node and decentralized status page (via Open Node grant)
  6. Proxy server for Inc Courtesy Node replacement
  7. Factom Protocol Forum
  8. EC Stores
  9. Factom World
  10. Factom Testnet Monitoring
  11. Factom Testnet Faucet
  12. Factom EC rate monitoring (via Oracle Master grant)
  13. Factom OTC desk
  14. Factom Developer Guides
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