Q4 2019 Report

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Hello community! There is our report for Q4 2019.

Factom® PRO
  1. The first major update released: our API server caches the entire blockchain, so Factom® PRO users can work with all chains and entries in the entire blockchain and read and search data in all chains within milliseconds!
  2. Several clients/developers subscribed and started using Factom® PRO API
  3. Significant update of documentation for developers: code samples in 8 popular languages (Java, JS, PHP, Go, Python, and others) are available for each API call.
Business Development
  1. 🚀 Factom® PRO presented to Ministry of Economy and Business of Spain. We got positive feedback for our APIs and services.
  2. Factom® PRO pitched to several entities in Russia:
    1. MegaFon (IoT dept)
    2. Skolkovo
    3. PWC Russia (Blockchain Accelerator)
🔥 100K FCT burnt in November-December

Due to arbitrage opportunity, De Facto burnt 100K FCT. They have gone forever, so we are a part of deflation delivery team ;)

Open-source Development — DID Golang Lib

We have explored and started working on Golang library for Factom DID (Decentralized ID).

PegNet Website Development

Multiple updates to PegNet.org website made and deployed: UI improvements, live marketcap widgets, PegNet roadmap, and many others.

PegNet Giveaway

We have organized giveaway in Twitter and bring ~150 followers to De Facto and PegNet Twitter accounts.

PegNet Open-source Mining Pool

De Facto contributed to open-source PegNet Mining Pool (Prosper) by developing the high-level design for codebase/API improvements of existing code.

Community Works
  • Participated in most governance discussions
  • PegNet Telegram administration
  • Participated in negotiations with exchanges regarding some listings
  • Participated in rebrand working group and provided ideas about names and domain researches (free of charge)
  • Educating people in PegNet/Factom Discord and Telegram
  • Educating people in PegNet Russian chat
  • AMA in Chinese crypto-traders chat
  • Supporting people in Factom Testnet
Keep maintaining
You are viewing an older update. There is a newer update available.