Q4 Report

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During most of Q4, we operated at 40% efficiency.

Primary Non-grant related work
- Developed PegNetMarketCap.com which became a critical website for PegNet. PNMC costs have gone into the 5 figures.
- Write the monthly newsletter.
- Contribute to the Daily Update.
- Operate the Factomize forum.
- Maintain (and recently rewrote) the stickied Reddit info post.
- Active contributor to governance.

Forum and PegNetMarketCap.com functionality uses approximately 1500 entry credits per day.

Additional Monthly Expenses
Factomize has the normal expenses other ANOs do, but has also been paying the following on a monthly basis:

$21.72 for Cloudflare for PegNetMarketCap.com
$80.00 for PegNetMarketCap.com servers
$40.00 for Factomize forum server
$10.00 for Factomize forum test server
$25.00 for private Github
$315.00 for Meetup.com Pro for PegNet
$95.00 for CoinMarketCap.com API for PegNetMarketCap.com
$79.00 for Mailgun subscription for newsletter and daily update email handling
$40.00 for extra testnet server for Who to utilize for p2p2
$705.72 total

Grant Related Work

Under the Core and General Dev grants, we have provided substantial technical assistance to the Factom and PegNet ecosystems.

- Core and General Development - Successful
- Core and General Development - Under Development
- ANO Promotion and Demotion System - Under Development
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You are viewing an older update. There is a newer update available.