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@Bedrock Solutions,

@David Chapman asked the following question:

Thank you for sticking with Factom through thick and thin. We know it hasn’t been easy at times. Let us first say, we want all existing ANOs and the protocol to succeed. Our hope is that every ANO becomes critical to the ecosystem and we take Factom to the next level. We believe that in a fast moving industry like crypto where Factom is under-funded compared to other platforms, we must be very smart with our resources. That means every ANO must be critical to the ecosystem. As such, we are asking every ANO the following question:

Do you believe your ANO is critical to the Factom ecosystem where, if you left, it would materially impact Factom’s chance of success? If yes, what makes you critical? If not, how do you plan to change that and what is your timeline?

David Kuiper

Bedrock Solutions
Hi @David Chapman,

While we hope Factom is resilient enough to survive the absence of any single ANO, we will answer in the spirit of the question.

In the Factom ecosystem with limited resources, we believe development ANOs such as ourself are critical to Factom. To be frank, as you know, any developer today would make much more money working outside of this ecosystem. The ones who are still here, are here because we believe in the potential of the Factom Protocol and are willing to take the risk. We are still in the early days of blockchain technology and the fundamental infrastructure needs to be built by ANOs like us.

Bedrock Solutions in particular works on open source projects. We are particularly proud of our work on MyFactomWallet and Factom Open Node. Both of these projects help generate real-world usage of Factom and are critical pieces of infrastructure. They also demonstrate our ability to collaborate successfully with other technical ANOs in the ecosystem.