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The recent discussion around Anton's standing vote got me thinking.

From this point forward, do you want ANOs to judge BIF solely on its own merit and any activity by separate entities (Sphereon/Centis) should be excluded from these reviews?
In particular, my question centres around these comments:

Okay can you now comment on how the examples you gave for this decision are about a complete separate legal entity you are removing standing from?
Please explain how the concept of grants which are completely unrelated to ANOs, let alone a complete seperate legal entity is part of your standing vote?
It's important to clear this up, because this now comes up rather suddenly, when this has in fact been happening for a lot of your current standing votes. It's just that many of them actually GIVE you standing for Sphereon-related work.

Here are some examples of standing votes you've received:

Cube 3: "Significant contributions coming through Sphereon’s commercial solutions and work on projects such as Triall, e-citzenship, education badges, raw materials import tracking."
Layertech: "Reaffirming based on core work, an active participant in the community and various ongoing projects (Sphereon) built on top of Factom."
LUCIAP: " Glad to see a Q1 2020 report from BIF. Still multiple grants (Sphereon) left open and without update, while not directly part of standing evaluation, it doesn't reflect well on your entity from a general point of view. "
Federate This: " Look forward to the discounted grant work completion (Sphereon)"
Bedrock: "We particularly value your efforts with: Improving your reporting - DID and VC work - Triall - Collaboration on DHS grant with Federate This and Factom Inc.

These are just examples that actually talk about their criteria. I think the influence of Sphereon/Centis for BIF votes is real for many more parties. I personally think that's totally fine.

So again, I'd just like to know if you want people to focus strictly on BIF from now on.
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