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As BIF we are asking all ANOs these questions.

  1. What type of parties would you see the protocol attract as users?
  2. Do you believe current governance to accommodate that?
  3. What is your take on current standing parties and types? Anything needing to change?
  4. Can you mention anything about decisiveness and decision making as well as direction?
  5. Do you believe you are qualified to vote on every single thing?
  6. Do you believe large institutions and governments could use the protocol with current governance as is?
  7. Do you believe parties can make long term commitments towards the protocol at this time?
  8. Do you believe you are doing everything in your power to address any concerns about the above?
1. Ideally a wide variety of parties including large institutional ones such as banks and governments, but also medium and small businesses.

2. I don't think current governance gets in the way of people actually using the protocol as it's a permissionless system. Whether or not current governance would give users confidence in the system is an entirely other issue.

3. I think we need more standing party types to distribute governance.

4. I believe decisiveness is important and can be difficult to achieve with decentralized governance.

5. I don't believe most voters in any given governance system are qualified to vote on everything but voting restrictions and qualifications can lead to bad outcomes so need to be carefully considered.

6. As mentioned in 2., I don't believe our permissionless system requires people to consider governance to use the protocol from a technical perspective.

7. Parties can do whatever they want. I'm not sure if many people are making long term commitments to any blockchains at the moment.

8. I believe this is too vague a question. If you can elaborate on it I can try to answer it.