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As BIF we are asking all ANOs these questions.

  1. What type of parties would you see the protocol attract as users?
  2. Do you believe current governance to accommodate that?
  3. What is your take on current standing parties and types? Anything needing to change?
  4. Can you mention anything about decisiveness and decision making as well as direction?
  5. Do you believe you are qualified to vote on every single thing?
  6. Do you believe large institutions and governments could use the protocol with current governance as is?
  7. Do you believe parties can make long term commitments towards the protocol at this time?
  8. Do you believe you are doing everything in your power to address any concerns about the above?
Hi Niels, sorry for the delay.

1) At this point, I would take any entity that wanted to use the Factom protocol. I don't really care how small or big, as long as the use case is solving a real issue, and the party perceives a benefit. Showing even 1 example of how the Factom protocol is successfully solving a problem, or improving a process would be ground breaking. And I specifically mean not in a trial sense, or proof of concept, but a real world entity using the blockchain to further their business or service.
2) I don't at this point see that governance is the blocker to achieving this.
3) I would like to see more outsiders from blockchain becoming involved. I want to see critical thinkers who won't blindly agree with decisions.
4) I think the protocol tends to be indecisive, and I think it is a hindrance to progress. It can often take a lot of effort to push even a small piece of change through the system, and still have it fail.
5) I think I can make reasonable votes for most issues. Many things I'd have to educate myself on though.
6) I think they could if an ANO properly abstracts the process and effectively hides the blockchain from them. I mean that most businesses or governments don't really want to learn all the details of blockchain. They want a solution that hides complexity, and is easy to use. It is true, that someone within the business or government will have to understand what is going on before they would commit to using block chain, but people don't want to look at base58 addresses or hashes or any of that if they can help it.
7) Difficult to say. I think if an entity was really interested in using it, and there was some issue that needed resolved, they would communicate that. Most 'sales' involve showing the entity what is possible, and typically that entity then gives a well defined criteria of what the 'solution' needs to look like. If the entity likes the promise of the technology, they usually are willing to work with you to make it into a solution that works for them, assuming they have the confidence you can deliver on your promises.
8) Our ANO is mostly focused on core factomd, which typically doesn't overlap with customer facing issues. I've tried my best to be vocal on governance issues that I believe are important, but it can be tiring constantly responding.
Hehehe no argument from me on that conclusion ;) Thx for the response.

re 1) You are aware we have municipalities using Factom for publishing their council agreements, social benefits, as well as clinical trialls in production on Factom with more to come right?

2) Ok, that has to do with you not seeing enough adoption at this point I am guessing.

3) No argument ;)

4) Any way you see how to change that?

5-8) Thx for your views
1) I'm aware of the clinical trials, but my understanding is these are pathfinding or experimental to figure out later if there is a worthwhile benefit. As for the municipalities, I was not aware of that. It goes back to the idea of created a marketing page where all the uses of Factom are presented with links to each story all in ONE PLACE. No one has created that yet, unless I'm mistaken. Maybe I'll comment more when I read exactly what is being done.
4) Become less decentralized or bring more ANOs in who understand bringing products to market, not just IT professionals. I understand you need IT professionals to secure servers, but at this point we need adoption and people who understand technology deployment.