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Hello members of Federate This,

Wanted to ask the question whether you find it appropriate, professional and respectful to censor people's opinions, especially if they are relevant in a discussion?
I ask this especially in the context that we are operating the Factom Protocol a censorship resistant public blockchain. This pertains to the 3rd thread that has been created at :

The previous 2 versions of that thread have been removed because of the fact that one of your members didn't like me pointing out that instead of having a list of projects/deliverables and labeling that as Factom M4 it makes sense to come up with a vision. Instead of trying to remove content that is relevant to the discussion, it would have made sense and been professional as well as respectful, to either approach the person in private and/or make it clear in the thread that a vision discussion should be created elsewhere. Or to engage in that discussion.

The Protocol and it's forum is an open place to discuss. Nobody in here has more to say than others, let alone dictate/censor. One of the core principles of Blockchain technology is censorship resistance. The forum is based on respect for one another, and thus also for somebody else's opinion, even if you don't agree with them. If you see that differently I am happy to hear the arguments.

I am professional enough to not let it influence my other professional relationships and/or projects with you. But suffice to say that I don't expect to see this type of behaviour elsewhere because there are certainly limits to me being able to compartmentalize.