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Taken from your last report on Jan 27th:

  • We have secured a deal with a reputable Venture Studio for future development and UI/UX work. We currently anticipate our partnership to be finalized and contracts signed this week and work to begin next month
  • Big announcement and product reveal coming in Q1-Q2 of this year

How has this progressed?

Thank you!
@WB Thank you for your question. Progress on FrostByte is currently moving according to schedule. Our partnership with the venture studio was finalized and signed, and the initial branding and UI/UX work has begun. We did see some delays early on due to legal negotiations and IP filings, but that is behind us now.

We currently anticipate being on track for our Product reveal and marketing site launch in Q2. We will touch on this in more detail in our full Q1 2020 update, which should be posted for the community very soon.