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HashQuark's Q4 2019 Contribution Report:

We invited David Johnston, Chairman of the Board at Factom to speak at the fifth global blockchain summit on September 17th, one of Asia’s biggest and best-acclaimed blockchain summits. During the event, David delivered a keynote speech themed as The Future of dApps, in which he put forth an idea hyper blockchain.

Hyper blockchain, as far as David concerned, refers to the interactions between the private systems and the public systems. David believed an internet-alike transition in blockchain that private systems will connect with the public protocols. The real power and magic of blockchain lie in the public network because it is open for everyone and allows companies to build public blockchains on top of it.

And ever since HashQuark was selected as one of Factom’s ANOs, we’ve got deeply involved in community discussions and have voted for new proposals. Besides, we have kept up close with the update of the Factom network. We have now upgraded the testnet to v6.5.0-p2p2-beta1-alpine and the mainnet to v6.5.0.


To all the Standing Parties,

Given the lack of engagement in the Factom community during the past few months, we have made an improved plan in regard to the community involvement and will follow up with all the items listed. Please kindly check.

i. Preparing an article introducing how the Factom-backed trust solution is contributing to the donation issues concerning the raging novel coronavirus pneumonia in China—this is currently under way and the article will be posted next week on our privately-owned social media platforms.

ii. Improved PR and marketing efforts in regard to Factom:
  • Publish quarterly Factom reports via HashQuark’s social media platforms.
  • Organize online courses through China’s popular crypto communities and have our team members introduce Factom’s detailed information and recent update.
  • Organize WeChat rewards campaigns basing on Chinese festivals and HashQuark updates, i.e. share the Factom-featured poster on moments on Labor Day and the one who gets most likes will be rewarded 10 FCT.
  • Invite head of Factom to attend events/summits we are helping with, including HashKey International Digital Asset Summit 2020—the event has been postponed due to the raging disease, and we will keep the community informed of any future update.
iii. Participate in community discussions -- at least once a week -- and vote for new proposals as many as we can.

iv. Submit quarterly detailed contribution reports on time.

v. Defer 70%--instead of the previously set 60%--income to the Factom grant Pool.


As a pioneer staking provider, HashQuark has already cooperated with over 30 public chains and has been active participating in PoS communities. We're going to be working on a certificate product based on Factom due to internally mass data management and external audit requirements. We will update the progress of this product here. Warm welcome any suggestions.


We held a one-hour Factom-focused AMA session on March 26 jointly with Camille, a quite popular blockchain KOL in China. The session was concurrently held in two WeChat groups where our senior analyst Yangyu explored 14 issues about Factom and nearly 900 people joined in.

Check our poster below:


14 topics were talked about during the session:
  • A brief description of the Factom protocol;
  • Factom’s edge of other protocols;
  • A brief description of Entry Credit;
  • What differentiate the Factom blockchain architecture with others;
  • Why HashQuark developed a family trust platform using Factom protocol;
  • Introduction of ANO;
  • How HashQuark has been dedicated to the Factom community;
  • How sharding works using the Factom capabilities;
  • How to deal with irregularities on Factom;
  • An outline of FAT characteristics;
  • A brief description of Factom-based PegNet;
  • Digging into PegNet’s high value within such a short period of time;
  • A brief description of PegNet’s oracle;
  • HashQuark’s new plan about a Factom-based product.
List a few screenshots below:

And the AMA article was posted on March 26, and by now the total views are roughly 4,500.
WeChat: AMA 对话实录 | 关于 Factom 的若干问题解答


Over the past few months, HashQuark has been contributing to the Factom ecosystem mostly in marketing and community:

i. We have been participating in general discussions and proposal polls as much as we can.

ii. We held a Factom-focused AMA session on March 26 where nearly 900 people joined in. Check out at our contribution column

iii. We've been translating Factom's Approach to Decentralization into Chinese, and the translation is halfway done. Check out at our contribution column

iv. Planning to work out a certificate product based on Factom to facilitate mass data management and to meet external audit requirements. Will keep you informed of any future update.

Looking forward to a fruitful quarter that is to come.
Current Update: Recent update-April 22


We finished the translation of Factom’s Approach to Decentralization and posted the rest of it on our social media platforms. By now the number of total views is roughly 8,000.

WeChat: Factom去中心化之道(下)
Bihu: Factom去中心化之道(下)