REPORT | Q1 2019

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A little late we are publishing our Q1 2019 report.
This report includes activities from Jan 1 till Mar 30 2019.

Full report:

  • Factom® Enterprise API launched
  • First client onboarded (150-300K txs annually)
  • Introduced LoggerHead — an open-source immutable security logs solution for Linux-based servers & NAS
  • Public open-source version of LoggerHead will be released in May 2019
  • 2 grant projects were awarded to develop
  • Continue maintaining Open Node
  • Pitched Factom in Russian Innovation Center Skolkovo
  • Visited legal-tech workshop in Samara, Russia
  • Core development: 4 issues regarding factomd created on GitHub (1 bug, 3 improvements)
  • Grant tracking system & its design were suggested during discussion with ANOs
As FCT price raised, we decided to continue working with 35% efficiency.

Factom Open API plans:
We have a lot of plans regarding Open API project and I want to clarify what are we going to do, when and how.

We are working on the following improvements using our ANO income:
— Make Open API follow the Swagger Open API 3.0 specification (instead of Swagger 2.0 right now)
— Improve Open API auto-generated clients
— Generate more clients in different languages
— Provide test coverage for Open API (thanks @Paul Bernier & @Alex for pointing this)
— Create a marketplace (separate website or section on Factom Protocol website) of open-source and commercial apps, built using Factom Open API
(not Open API project, but was pledged during grant campaign) Create and make open-source the LoggerHead solution — and it will be the first public app, utilizing Open API.

We will apply for grants in order to develop the following improvements:
— Development sprint 2: new endpoints (/admin & /queue), admin control panel (Web UI), Callbacks
— Support of Factom Identities
— Development sprint 3: GraphQL API, Websocket support
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For the transparency: I have talked to Niels and we discussed the standardization of Ids data-structures and Ids API methods. While integrating Factom Identities into Open API, we will design Identity API methods as FIP and share it across community developers to discuss. Once FIP will be agreed, we will code the set of identity endpoints into Open API.
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