Poll Should Committee Members have a badge under their username like ANOs?

Should committee members have a badge?

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Would you like committee members to have a badge under their username like ANOs currently do? I'm planning to create committee usergroups on this forum which will allow a lot of additional future functionality to be built and with the usergroups comes the option to have the badge. I would make the badge for committees a different color.

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Crypto Logic
Would an option be to only give the chairs of the committees the flair? Currently many of the committee members are not very... involved with their committees it seems; and with many committees, many members etc you suddenly get a lot of overhead... And you'd need a formal process for updating and communicating the membership changes; as people will join and leave more often than for example in ANOs or the guide-group.....

Also; does the committee members often speak as "committee-members" in the forum? Most of the time it is on behalf of themselves or their ANOs we'd wager; and then brining another flavor into the soup might in fat make it murkier...

Not entirely against the idea by any means; would just like some discussion :)
It is not possible to give specific users badges at present (it would be with a modification if that's what the community wanted).

Having the badge might spark those who aren't so involved to get more involved (or resign their position). And yes, we need a more robust committee system where joining, leaving, membership, etc are more efficient / transparent. Design for that will begin soon.
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It is important to know the perspective of someone when they are engaged in conversation. Maybe there is some value in something which discretely shows this.

This is a binary question. I just wonder if it is the right question. If we are trying to ensure improved effectiveness in certain areas such as marketing for example (just an example) are we not better off trying to understand why this is not working and start to address that.

Xavier Chen

I second the suggestion to reserve the flair for only the committee chairs. Current setup is already diluting responsibilities with no clear sense of who's leading the various working groups/committees. Giving flairs only to point persons reinforce some type of centralization of responsibility.

It is not possible to give specific users badges at present (it would be with a modification if that's what the community wanted).
Can you modify the existing system for ANO labels? Maybe create a fictional ANO for each committees and only have committee chairs be members of those ANOs.
7-0 want badges but we do have a couple suggestions for just the Chair to have badges. Let me ponder how we'll be using the usergroups in modifications going forward and I'll come up with something.

Thanks to all who voted and/or provided feedback!