Process Discussion Should we have a maximum amount of ANO's allowed into the Authority Set for ANO Election Round 3, and if so, how many?

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ANO Election Round 3 - Should we have a maximum amount of ANO's allowed into the Authority Set?

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Should we have a maximum amount of ANO's allowed into the Authority Set for ANO Election Round 3, and if so, how many?

This is a "Minor Timed Discussion", meaning that this discussion period will last for 3 days, and then a vote will occur here on Factomize. If we need to extend the time for discussion, we can do so.

** This thread topic refers solely to the upcoming ANO election round (ANO Round 3). **

In the past, points have been brought up regarding whether the Protocol is ready to onboard more ANO's, and if so, how many new ANO's should be onboarded. Please use this thread to discuss the prospect of limiting or capping how many ANO's should be onboarded in the upcoming ANO election round.


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I will copy/paste my response from Discord in here. Note that I answered the question in general (tied to price) and not specifically for round 3.

This would be up to the community to decide, but personally I would like to go to 32 ANOs and then pause elections for a while due to the lack of interested prospective ANOs as well as the inability to support the grant pool and ANOs in the authority set if moving towards 65. I think we should focus on getting more standing parties on board at that stage, and also start to work on (and even implement) the mechanics that will decide ANO applications/support when we have a static number of ANOs
Personally I think we should set a max limit of 4 ANOs this round, but also make use of the proposed "3/5" required approval we are implementing for the grant round; i.e that in addition to scoring the prospective ANOs the standing parties also adds an "approve/disapprove"-option to every application, so IF we only get 1-2 good applications only those gets approved even with a "max limit" of 4.
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Hey everyone,

I'd really like to see a few more opinions in here. Otherwise, we will likely go with what Tor proposes and have a maximum of 4 ANO's. And, we can implement the approve/disapprove idea (3/5ths of voters) as a required approval threshold for scoring to then occur. Thus, we could have anywhere from 0 - 4 new ANO's onboarded in this round.
Hi Nic, thanks for challenging us on this. We need to balance a few things here. We need to grow the community so that we are as decentralised as possible, we need to encourage and select good applicants, we need to take on new ANOs at a pace we can manage so that they are successfully inducted into the ecosystem. So I do understand the reasoning behind say 4 ANOs this round. To throw a spanner in the works why don't we open up the round and see what the quality of applications is? If we only have two good applicants then so be it but if we have say 5 why wouldn't we accept them? Maybe we could stagger their onboarding time if it is too difficult to take them on immediately.
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