TheBlockParty/Disintermedia ANO Partnership

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Hey everybody I’d like to introduce a couple people to the community. My partner Troy Wiipongwii and I founded TheBlockParty (not to be confused w the former ANO of similar name) in July of 2017. We’ve been exploring economic innovation and blockchain (among other things) since 2012.

He has a masters in statistics and public policy w a focus on machine learning from William & Mary and half a masters in AI from Georgia Tech (left early to dive into the private sector).

He’s a serial entrepreneur and a ravenous learner and skill-builder with multiple published papers and a potent professional network. He has a paper coming out in the next few months in the legal field that mentions Factom, and *may* have an opportunity to utilize the Factom Protocol in a prototype following this publication.

I also want to introduce @Joshua Du Chene, one of the producers of WhatTheFork?! He’s a blockchain advocate/educator/public speaker, an audio specialist, and cofounder of Disintermedia. He’s been nominated for multiple awards for game audio and has extensive contacts in the gaming and VR industries (can you say non-fungible tokens?).

We’re considering an ANO application and would like to discuss with the community how best to pledge our buffet of skills to the ecosystem.

Together we can offer everything from content creation, marketing and promotion, networking and opportunity discovery, public speaking and conference representation to economic/tokenomic design and analysis, research, prototyping, academic paper drafting, and more.

There’s also projects we’d like to spin up ourselves. First focus, though, will be on how to maximally benefit the Factom ecosystem at large.

We’re looking forward to discussing this with everyone.
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