Vote Tor Paulsen Removed Standing for BI Foundation

The irony here, @Niels Klomp, is that you have already expended significantly more effort in defending why you don't need to provide the community updates than you would have if you had simply updated the community regularly in the first place. In addition, I've seen you post pseudo-updates to the #factom-market channel on Discord while not even bothering to copy and paste that info to your grant threads. What other conclusion can I come to other than that you don't feel you are required to meet the community standards for grants?

Doubtless BIF is doing a lot of other wonderful things for the Factom ecosystem and is a valuable player which is why I'm puzzled that they've ignored the easiest part of the whole thing. Courting clients, developing tech solutions, etc is the hard part. Writing short updates is the easy part. If you need examples, go see how David keeps the community updated even when projects are delayed.

I am no longer willing to countenance double-standards for the so-called big fish of the protocol. They will meet community requirements like everyone else or they will lose support from me.

At this point, I find it completely and totally unacceptable that you are refusing to provide the community grant updates and instead are doubling down and continually threatening to leave the ecosystem instead of just doing the easy part of keeping the community updated. If you maintain this stance I will be also removing standing until the update deficit is taken care of.
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