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Since beginning this journey over a year ago, we have had the pleasure to watch this ecosystem grow from a fledgling group of like-minded individuals to a governance-defined community. The pressure to deliver is high and we continue to execute with the best interest of the Factom Protocol in mind. We thank everyone for your patience in preparing this update.



First and foremost, the VBIF servers have ran without issue, maintaining the highest responsiveness to network pauses, and have been updated without issue since onboarding into the authority set in October.

Unfortunately, we were not awarded an SBIR grant in the DOD 18.3 round to develop a Factom-enabled Defense Technical Information Center repository. We are not discouraged by this setback and continue to identify other opportunities to showcase the capabilities of the Factom Protocol. Specifically, a recent Department of Energy submission is in review and we have identified a National Institute of Health funding opportunity that we will be pursuing. As always, if other entities are interested in understanding the government grant process, we’re happy to help.

Outside of Guide duties, Nolan continues to maintain a branch of the Factom Python library that some in our community have chosen to utilize. We are working with the original owner of the Factom Python library to work on merging the changes and transitioning control to the protocol. Special shout-out to @Samuel Vanderwaal with Canonical Ledgers for the support.

We continue to maintain two nodes on the testnet. Additionally, we recently spun up an additional node to support Who’s (Factomize) P2P release and testing on the testnet.


In case any of it was missed, here is a recap of the podcasts Kyle setup to bring awareness to the Factom Protocol:

- Crush The Street/Paul Snow
- Goldseek Radio/Paul Snow
- Financial Survival Network//Paul Snow

Thank you to @PaulSnow for making yourself available to speak on behalf of the Factom Protocol at these events. If others in the community are interested in speaking opportunities, we’d be happy to setup other opportunities.

In February, Kyle flew to NYC for two days and met with two separate large investment capital firms that have investment requirements specifically to the Blockchain space for individual/commercial clients. He did spent over three hours with each as an ambassador/SME of the Factom Protocol. Additionally, he spoke with both investment advisors and members of their boards giving presentations to each firm. NDA's were signed with both; so we will be unable to provide any further details.

In May, we successfully applied to charter a Government Blockchain Association Chapter in the North Central West Virginia region. We have attended GBA functions in the past, evangelizing the Factom Protocol to build awareness. This will be an opportunity for us to further grow the Factom name within the government industries throughout the state and greater Washington DC area. GBA is a global entity and expanding their influence. If anyone is interested in establishing a chapter in your location, or meeting up with an established chapter, we’d be happy to help you with that process. If you are interested in learning more about GBA, a link to their organization is here (https://www.gbaglobal.org/).

In April, the Veteran team met with the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office to discuss the value the Factom Protocol can provide to the state. In attendance in the meeting was the Lottery Commission, the Chief Technology Officer of West Virginia, the director of West Virginia Forward, the Deputy Secretary of State, Chief Information officer of West Virginia, and representatives from the West Virginia University’s John Chamber’s School of Business. The meeting was successful and has resulted in many follow-on discussions and meetings. The state continues to work with the Veteran team to identify opportunities where the Factom Protocol can be incorporated into their processes.

The Veteran team is extremely excited for this final news update! Nine months ago, we set out to begin fostering a relationship with West Virginia University to create a partnership with the Factom Protocol. One of the reasons for delaying our update was we were on the precipice of this announcement and wanted to hold out until we had further details finalized. We are proud to announce that WVU is prepared to enter into a three-year deal with the Factom Protocol. The initial framework of this partnership is to create an annual hackathon series that will exclusively utilize the Factom Protocol. We have included a copy of the proposal below for the community to review. We will be posting another thread to open up the discussion on this matter and to decide the way-ahead for the protocol. As we are merely acting as brokers between the Factom Protocol and WVU, we want to ensure we have the community support to move forward before any agreements are signed. We continue to hold bi-weekly meetings with the Assistant Dean of Strategic Initiatives and WVU Forward and pending the direction the community would like to go with this opportunity, will continue to push for a partnership / establishment of a blockchain curriculum made possible by the Factom Protocol. More details in the follow-up thread.


-Nolan remains a co-sponsor for the Factom Inc Protocol Development grant.
-Nolan will be a co-sponsor for the Go-Immutable Marketing grant.

Thank you everyone and we welcome any questions you have!


You are viewing an older update. There is a newer update available.