Update | 2019 Q3/Q4

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-Veteran continues to operate as per our initial pledge at 50% efficiency.

-Participated in the peer-to-peer code test
-Maintained 100% uptime of Authority Set servers
-Maintained two servers on the Testnet

-Maintaining on a weekly basis the professional relationship with the Dean of The John Chambers School of Business and the Dean of Strategic Initiatives at West Virginia University.
-Meeting and speaking on a weekly basis with faculty and faculty chair departments at WVU to include Computer Science, Law, and Engineering.
-Initiated, established and begun cultivating a relationship with Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA to introduce to the Factom Protocol. If WVU and our established relationship and potential partnership with them is seen as something not to be pursued by the protocol, then my intent is to establish the same relationship with a technology leader within academia to partner with.
-Continuing to draw on Kyle’s network of professional contacts in order to solidify speaking engagements/podcasts in order to introduce PegNet to a broader audience of traders, capital funds and institutional managers.

As always, open to discuss with the community. Thank you.

You are viewing an older update. There is a newer update available.