Update - Informal Director Nominations

Thanks to everyone who reached out and informally nominated someone to be Director. Non-ANOs actually participated more than ANOs, which was great to see (but also says a lot about our current situation).

Also, big thanks to @Hinamatsuri for helping out!

People who received votes (alphabetical order).
  • Colin
  • David Chapman
  • Maarten
  • Niels
  • Vidale
The Director proposal is coming along, I hope to have something to present sooner than later, but no hard date is set. Once this document is ready to be officially presented, we will reach out to people to see if they would be interested in being Director should the proposal pass (non-binding, as it is tough to officially commit without seeing the final Governance proposal). If the Director Governance proposal passes, then we will proceed to formal Director nominations. Obviously, this entire process is a bit clunky, but I want to make sure all standing parties/ANOs have as much information as possible before the formal Director Governance proposal discussion and vote occur.

One final note: There's really no reason not to keep the nomination period open, so if you would still like to nominate someone, then please do so through one of the below methods.
  • You can email FactomDirector@gmail.com (newly setup email address) with the person you would like to see be a Director. This allows people to anonymously nominate people. For transparency purposes, I have setup auto-forwarding to @Hinamatsuri
  • Nominations can also be Direct Messaged via Discord (@matt24 or @Hinamatsuri )
  • You can also reply in this thread with who you would like to informally nominate

Thank You!
Hi everyone:

I have finalized the Director proposal. Thanks to @Hinamatsuri and @WB for providing great feedback!

I also reached out to the people that were informally nominated to see if they would be interested in running for Director should the proposal pass. Please keep in mind that this is 100% non-binding. Please also remember that we will have a formal election period where anyone else can be nominated, should the Director proposal pass. Because the Director proposal largely rests on our ability to find a solid Director, I thought it prudent to see who the potential candidates could be and provide that information to Standing Parties as we formally debate the impending Director proposal.

I reached out to each nominated individual.

Two showed interest:
1. Niels (Maarten was also nominated, but decided he would act in a support role to Niels)
2. Vidale

Two passed:
Colin - Does not have the bandwidth right now. Would consider running in the future though
David Chapman - Passed

The people that showed interest, Vidale and Niels, were shown the Director proposal document so they could take a closer look and make sure there wasn't anything in there that would change their interest level. Additionally, should people in the Director Proposal thread decide to ask Niels or Vidale questions, then both will be better prepared to provide quality answers.

Thanks to everyone who has helped move this along!