Veteran Blockchain investment Firm - Third Quarter 2018 Update

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Veteran Blockchain Investment Firm is proud to publish our first Factom protocol Authority Node Operator report. We are awaiting on-boarding and anticipate joining the authority set within the next month. We look forward to beginning the audit process and further decentralizing the protocol. Below are a few items we have been working on in the meantime:

Coordinated Follow the Money Podcast featuring the Factom protocol

We are very excited about this effort and wanted to lead our report with this news. Kyle reached out to Jerry Robinson, who authored “Bankruptcy of Our Nation,” and operates Follow the Money Radio with previous guests including Steve Forbes, Ron Paul and Jim Rogers. He coordinated to have Jerry host Paul Snow to be the face of the Factom protocol for a thirty minute interview showcasing the protocol to an extremely large audience. This podcast aired on the 10th anniversary of the Satoshi whitepaper and showcased the Factom protocol to a new, untapped, well-funded audience in which will be a first step in garnering awareness from the crypto market.

If you are interested in listening to the podcast, you can listen for free here.

Submitted DoD SBIR grant proposal

The Veteran team submitted our first SBIR grant to develop a capability for efficiently and verifiably sharing documents and scientific data sets built upon the Factom protocol for the Defense Technical Information Center. Our gratitude to Dennis Bunfield, Steven Masley, and the rest of The Factoid Authority team in working together on drafting the proposal. Announcement is expected late January if our proposal will be accepted. Our team is working on additional SBIR grant proposals that will be closing over the course of the next couple of months. We will update everyone on their status during the next report.

During the Factom Summit, we had the opportunity to discuss government grant opportunities with some of the other ANOs and look forward to collaborating with them on future announcements. If you have questions on how to navigate the grant process, feel free to reach out to Nolan on Discord or Factomize. We plan to create a thread that will provide important dates for each of the grant solicitation rounds so the community can collaborate on future projects.

Global Blockchain Summit

Kyle attended the Global Blockchain Summit in Denver, CO. He specifically met with Gerard Dache who is the President of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) to discuss the Factom protocol and it’s potential within multiple government agencies. Again, our intention will be to continue catalyzing both awareness and adoption within the U.S. Government. We have also initiated the process to become the first Government Blockchain Association chapter in the state of West Virginia. If other community members are interested in creating a chapter, we can help you with that process.

Attended Factom Summit

The Veteran team attended the first-ever Factom Summit, getting the opportunity to meet many of the ANOs within the community. We were extremely impressed with the level of commitment and potential everyone is bringing to the protocol. We look forward to future summits and the opportunity to meet the rest of the community.

Python Library Update

Nolan has started updating the Python Factom library. We are collaborating with Canonical Ledgers and Building IM on this venture and currently testing the code. If you’d like to contribute, you can join the collaboration here.
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