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Do you approve the Website Committee for official recognition in the Factom Protocol?

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This thread is to ask the standing parties to approve the Website Committee as being officially recognized in the Factom Protocol.

An earlier discussion about creation of this committee has been held here:

The below information about the charter can be found here:

Committee name
Website Committee

By approving this charter, all Standing Parties agree that Doc 004 - Factom Protocol Community Website Governance takes precedence over this charter, and so any relevant changes to Doc 004 will automatically apply to this charter.

The Website Committee is responsible for everything related to the management of officially recognized Factom protocol websites.

Having the original developing party and/or rights holder (Grantor) controlling a Factom protocol website would be contrary to the decentralization ethos.

The Website Committee will continue managing and/or developing the Websites as needed, with the goals of keeping them publicly available, relevant and in line with community expectations and/or votes on what the Websites should contain.

Meetings and reporting
The Website Committee shall convene regularly and make available the necessary channels to allow for real-time communication. Voice meetings will be scheduled on an as-needed basis. The appointed chair makes sure any such meeting is being held. Notes will be scribed for these meetings and held in a private storage location only accessible to committee members.

At least every 3 months, a written update from the Website Committee is presented to the wider community, only including information that can be disclosed publicly.

Expectations of members
We expect members of the Website Committee to be proactive and take part in discussions. Website committee members not participating in discussions for more than 1.5 months are eligible for removal by the chair unless the respective member has/had compelling reasons not to participate. Any such removals of members shall be made public in the committees designated thread on the protocol forum.

Each member of the Website Committee shall continue to serve until the occurrence of any of the following:
(i) the member is removed by the Website Committee as set forth in Doc 004, Section 2.6.8;
(ii) the member is removed by or leaves the entity/group appointing such member;
(iii) the entity/group appointing such member is terminated or dissolved;
(iv) the entity/group appointing such member ceases to qualify to appoint a member to the Website Committee;

A member may resign at any time upon written notice to the Website Committee. A resignation is effective when the notice is delivered unless the notice specifies a later effective time.

In the event that the member removed or resigned from the Website Committee was appointed by an entity/group listed in Doc 004, Section 2.4, a new appointment shall be made by the entity/group unless the entity/group ceases to qualify to appoint any member to the Website Committee.

The maximum term of a chairman
1 year with max 3 succeeding terms


Maximum number of members
6 + 1 appointed person per grantor

Joining committee
If there are less than the maximum amount of members currently in the committee, there will be open spots that will be announced in the website committee thread on a Factom protocol forum. The chairman may prevent an open spot from arising by reducing the maximum member count when a member is removed or resigns - but the chairman shall not reduce the number of maximum members below the current member count. The chairman may not raise the maximum amount of persons as this will need a re-ratification of Doc 004.

When applying for a spot the person should describe any relevant information regarding their experience with Factom, website management and/or marketing, as well as describe the motivation for why they want to join the Website Committee.

The chairman will make the final determination if the applicant will be allowed to join the committee after consultation with the rest of the members of the committee.

The suggested members (Factom protocol usernames):
@Anton Ilzheev
@Spencer B

Any mandates of the committee for which no consultancy of the ANOs is required:
Vote on proposed changes to the website(s).
Vote on who has access to make changes and additions to the website(s).
Vote on who will administer the server(s).
Vote on who will administer various parts of the website(s).
Negotiate with contractors that will perform work for the website(s).
Negotiate to bring additional websites under the Website Committee
Apply for grants pertinent to their work provided these are held by a dedicated person inside or outside the committee.
At their sole discretion, vote to remove a member for any significant non-performance.