Website Committee Update

On April 6, 2019, the standing parties voted to approve the “Community Website Management” process (doc 004).

The Website Committee has since worked towards putting proper structure and processes in place. Because the website plays an integral role in marketing, the Website Committee (WC) sought to establish a close working relationship with the Marketing Committee (MC). However, there are currently 13 members on the MC and 7 members on the WC. As a result, this could easily create a scenario where we have “too many cooks in the kitchen” and thus become paralyzed by bureaucracy.

Because the website is integral to marketing success, and the MC will be driving marketing, the WC believes the best course of action for the WC is to operate in a checks-and-balances manner. Therefore, we have decided to implement the below structure:
  • The Marketing Committee will drive day-to-day website deliverables via a Trello board (or desired project management tool). MC will implement its own process for prioritizing website tasks.
  • The MC (of which Website Committee members @Spencer Butterfield , @Brooke Glew , and @Anton Ilzheev are also members), will prioritize tasks. However, the WC will be able to monitor the Trello board. No voting by WC needed for basic website enhancements (page layouts, new pages, etc.)
  • Should the Website Committee want to add a deliverable to the MC's Trello board, @Matt Osborne will act as the point of contact on behalf of @88mph , @Alex , and @Gieril Lindi (Spencer, Anton, and Brooke already should be able to do this via the MC process).
    • Matt will work with the MC to properly prioritize said task
  • If WC has issues with what is being prioritized by MC, or if results are not what is expected, then WC will step-in.
  • The Website Committee will retain control of developer documents (specifically, Gieril). If Gieril would like to hand this task off to someone, then WC will determine by whom this responsibility will be owned. If Developer docs are being given too low of a priority by MC, then WC will step-in.
  • The WC will vote on bigger issues (e.g., which Web Devs have access to Web Flow, how leads are handled, fundamental strategic changes to the purpose or direction of the website etc.)
The WC has also approved Anton to have access to WebFlow

Short-term goal: Define the process for making a change to the website “live.”
  • For example, Figma is used to create the mock-up, then Marketing Chair @Greg Forst signs-off on the webpage before it is made live. Note: This is the process, not the actual changes.
  • This process will be defined by the marketing committee and then brought to the Website Committee for approval. Marketing Committee members Brooke, Anton, and Spencer will be responsible for presenting this process to the WC for vote/approval.

Thank You,
The Website Committee